• TYPHOON PAVEMENT MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS consist of Two Products featuring the TYPHOON Permeable Joint Excavator and PAVEVAC Pavement Surface Vacuum for a complete PICP (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement) Restoration System.
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Typhoon Permeable Joint Excavator

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From Problem Recognized to Solution Provided

The TYPHOON concept is the invention of Stephen Jones, founder of Typhoon Pavement, to deal with the Segmental Paver industry need for Cleaning, Restoration, and Maintenance of Permeable Pavements and Clogging of Joints.


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Problem to Solution

The problem is the need for Restoring specially designed manufactured (permeable) pavers with more open joints for improving infiltration that helps with stormwater management.  Joints quickly fill up and clog with silt from many sources, organic and inorganic.  As most pavement managers know, they will reach a point in time when the permeability and infiltration rates of such pavements will fall below what was designed, or acceptable.

Our Experience with PICP is that the surrounding environment, use of the pavement, and many other variables can cause complete failure in a relatively few years.  Regular infiltration testing by the property owner, or an engineering service company, needs to be integrated into the property pavement review and maintenance schedule.  Once implemented, one can set the levels of unacceptable infiltration performance.

Testing of Infiltration Rates should result in Parameters  being set for the Following Actions:

• CLOSE WATCH - Increase # of areas and frequency to Test (ACTION)
• SCHEDULE CLEANING -  Identified areas or whole pavement (ACTION)

Perception by maintenance managers, property owners, and environmental oversight departments is a bigger problem than might actually exist; but perception can easily become reality.  It is important to be able to document the permeable pavement during its life cycle.  Already, cities and municipalities are beginning to limit the use of permeable pavements as the perception has become that the permeability cannot be properly managed, quantified, or maintained over the life of the pavement.

When that mentality is reached, it is hard to reverse.

Using proven methods to test infiltration rates, clean, and Restore the pavement, we have simple testing methodology available to quantify the progression of clogging and now have the proven TYPHOON system to return permeable pavements to at or near their original rates of infiltration performance.



consists of Two Products featuring the TYPHOON Permeable Joint Excavator and PAVEVAC Surface Vacuum for a complete PICP (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement) Restoration System.

Our Environmentally Friendly product allows the Restoration of Surface Water Infiltration Capacity, through the Cleaning and Removal of Cohesive and Non-cohesive Sediment, as well as Natural Sediment Deposits.

 In comparative Hydrogeology testing, our TYPHOON Pavement Restoration System provided Superior Results even to that of large municipal Regenerative Air and Mechanical Street Sweepers, in rejuvenating Polymeric Paver Joints, Pervious Concrete, Porous Asphalt, and Clogged Pavement and Paver installations, Restoring to Original, or near original, stormwater Infiltration and ground water Filtration Capacities

 The numerous Benefits of this Solution include: Significant Savings and Repeatable Results over other commercial Pressure Washer and Vacuum Sweeper systems, Improved Drainage, Sustainable Hydraulic Restoration, and Natural replenishment of Permeable Aquifers, compared to costly and invasive alternative municipal sewer and water systems, which actually do little to maintain or replenish localized aquifers, making TYPHOON a clear, economical, and Environmentally Conscientious Choice.  Clogging is a Real Problem, and the Solution has Arrived!

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Patent number US 11,365,521 B2

Stephen Jones is pleased to announce the issuance of :

United States Patent number US 11,365,521 B

for the Pavement Joint Cleaning System popularly known as :